So now all the evidence is gathering against the fraudulent class of the super wealthy, what shall we do with them?

The French tried the guillotine but it didn’t work for long, the slippery human trait of avarice is strong and draws those who lack integrity towards it.

The rot and filth that comes from the centuries old wealth superiority complex continues to prey on the vulnerable. As they, the mega wealthy, run most of the world, we little people must proceed with caution. The only places to hit them where it hurts are in their wallets, in taking their freedom and spoiling their reputations.

They will back each other up, support each others misdemeanors and generally try to writhe and wriggle out of anything remotely threatening to their positions. We need a plan of attack, a strategy that is watertight and a hardy intelligentsia that stands against the immoral ineptitude that is upon us in abundance.

Now that they are outed, their sullied money tied in with criminals and the like, we can only blow this evidence wide open and use the momentum to change the course of the future of the world.

Over the coming weeks we will be shocked at the levels and depths to which this greed is entrenched. Gone are the days of doubt, now the evidence is here we need to pull together and kick some fat wealthy ass.