Every day I hope for some hole to be blown in the side of the good ship 1%, causing devastating wreckage and a mass toppling of those that squirrel away their (probably) misbegotten gazillions. It’s a mental disorder cramming so much excessive money into a dodgy “cupboard” somewhere hot, morally bankrupt and anonymous. There must be a massive fear of scarcity or some such paranoia driving them.

Having to splurge their dubious savings on assets they sneak around distorting certain markets, like the art world, where ludicrous prices have shown how much unclean money is floating around waiting to attach to some overpriced investment. The housing market is having the same treatment, extravagant homes are empty, accumulating profit whilst sitting useless and rogue landlords extort untenable rents from dependent renters.

I switch between various news channels, Twitter &  Facebook feeds and a myriad of websites hoping to get a glimpse of some meaty story that has legs, long hairy muscly legs that i can get my teeth into – You know what I mean!

Excitement grows with each article or tweet that reveals further evidence of duplicitous political or business wranglings and my elation intensifies when some juicy news that has the potential to change the status quo, push the elite from their high and mighty self made thrones, shift the  balance of power from them and over of us plebs, is leaked into the ether.

The Panama papers are giving us evidence from the world of the avaricious, the bent and feudal misanthropes who save their money for parties and oneupmanship, who stash so much away that the world is grinding to a halt and the 99% are landed with unfeasible bills. The rich, aided by the government, have generally done a runner from their civic fiscal responsibilities. We pray for there to be trials and sentences meted out to tax avoiders, evaders, complicit accountants, advisors, companies, governments etc., etc. However, there’s more likelihood of Trump becoming President and that’s saying something.