After half a bottle of wine I find myself funny, in fact hilarious. I laugh out enjoying my fool personality, I feel more confident and my, ‘I don’t care attitude’ seems to shift me from the constraints of ‘be a good girl, be controllable, you must be liked’ into ‘come on bring it on I’m up for ‘

Whether a political debate, creative discussion or, well any situation really, I somehow feel freer to express myself with a no nonsense attitude rather than a diluted politeness smacking of civilised restraint.

I think a smattering of irreverence does you good.

Knocking back a few is a good thing every now and again, like medicine, a purging of the ego-ness of being human and all the complications of adulthood, its like something calls you away for a needed brief respite into play.

You stay in the moment. Could this be the spiritual practise we’ve all been wishing for? Ha, if only.

It’s like meeting an unimpeded self, someone you admire and wish you could emulate when sober, casting off the heaviness of a disgruntled you. I’m not talking as pissed as a fighting fart here just a sozzleness that warms and caresses you inside out , where the latches open and the flood to self begins to shine and stops the yo-yo of confidence if only for a few hours.

Life is so hard and hilly so raise a guilt free glass or two and liberate the daft, the candid and sublimely ludicrous from within, it really is a remedy for ennui.

Remember the lightness, the cage lifting off and replicate when sober.