Some people write in a shed or at a desk maybe even a cafe or as in my brothers case, a pub but I write in bed. My lovely, warm, safe bed.

I’ve tried the lounge, my desk and the kitchen table but bed is where my creative juices seem to flow, if you know what i mean.

I first started tucking myself up during the day, with a hot-water bottle in our cold attic bedroom because it saved me putting the central heating on downstairs,  I was worried about a huge bill.

I’ve pretty much been in bed since November and have managed to hibernate my way through  winter and  bounce back again into spring with a finished , albeit unedited, novel.

My routine generally goes something like this: zooming downstairs to the kitchen for a cup of earl grey and to fill my hottie,  zooming back up to check my emails and watch the news (on several channels), then bolting back down again to the kitchen for a milky coffee, my comfort drink. While that’s whirling around in the microwave I wash the dishes and tidy the kitchen, putting some washing on before wombling back up to start to writing.

I surround myself by paraphernalia;  books, tablet, mobile and of course my beloved old cranky laptop. If my mobile rings I huff, if the doorbell goes I ignore it.

Some people may think me lazy but being downstairs writing in my dressing gown with the central heating blasting away vs being in bed tucked up writing with my hottie while the wind and rain cramps everyone’s style is a no brainer for me.

So here’s to all us hot water bottle loving bed writers, good on us for saving the planet just that little bit more.


  • I invite comments especially from fellow bed writers.